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Samudayeek Saving & Credit Co-Operative LTD Janakpur It is best bank of janakpur for saving and credit Address : Pethiya Bazzar, Janakpur-7, Dhanusha

Heet Saving & Credit Co-operative. Bhaktapur Branch

Surya Shakti Co-operative. Bhaktapur

Modern co-operative is recognized for the economic, social, and cultural growth and progress of those people in our society, who are still under the line of poverty. It has been proved through different reasons that the cooperative is the only way…

Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd. (NCC Bank) formally registered as Nepal – Bank of Ceylon Ltd. (NBOC), commenced its operation on October 14, 1996 as a Joint Venture with Bank of Ceylon, Sri Lanka. It was then the first private sector…

Janakalyan Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited established under the Co-operative Act 2048, is a financial institution permitted to carry out financial transactions. The head office of which is situated in Benighat-1 Rechoktar(malekhu…

Sunrise saving and credit co-operative Ltd. Pokhara Branch is located in Pokhara of Gandaki province of nepal