Mahendra Secondary School Dadeldhura

Area: Amargadhi > Dadeldhura > Sudurpaschim Pradesh
Our Address: Amargadhi, Dadeldhura
Telephone: +97796420159
Email: [email protected]
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Mahendra Secondary School is a Best School and College for Secondary Level Education. Mahendra Secondary School is located in Amargadhi-5, the district headquarters of Dadeldhura district. It has provided education in Dadeldhura district from the time when there was no any school in the district. The school is a public institution formally established in 2014 to serve the population of Dadeldhura District and its neighboring districts. The then king Mahendra laid the foundation stone of the school and named as “Mahendra Middle School” Khalanga in 2014 B.S. Before that the school was named as “Kalika Aadharbhut School”. The school received approval in 2018 B.S. after inspected by Bishwobandhu Thapa, the then minister for education. Then the school was named as Mahendra High School in 2019 B.S. The name of the school was changed as Mahendra Vocational Secondary School in 2032 B.S. and remained as vocational secondary school until 2036 B.S. The school was renamed as Mahendra Secondary School in 2037 B.S. It received an approval to open grade 11 and 12 in 2051 B.S. Since then, the school has been running classes from 6 to 12 grades. It is also conducting diploma courses in civil engineering. It has also become a centre of getting education for the population of neighboring districts. The students currently enrolled are from various rural communities. Currently, there are 24 full-time teachers and 6 non-teaching staffs working in the school. Mahendra Secondary School is Provide good quality education.

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