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Telephone: 9806411439, Dhangadhi , Kathmadnu
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Web: www.ctcbookworld.com
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Today’s kids are our nation’s Future. And for a strong future, today’s foundation should be firm. With this consideration in mind, CTC Book World Private Limited did its part to nourish the roots of our healthy nation.

But we found that there is a lack of exciting and enjoying still meaningful stationery options which many times doesn’t help to build hobbies of kids. So, here is CTC moved its magic wand and created a wide collection of incredibly interesting, creative, colorful, and meaningful stationery items.

Practical Note Book, Exercise Note Book, School Dairy, Registers, and other classroom products play a minor but important role in providing a solid foundation for the educational excellence and success of kids. On the other hand, Drawing Copy, and other art items help the students to get creative. With no compromise with quality, CTC offers a wide variety of fabulous fun collections, making writing and drawing easy with fun for kids.

Since 1986, CTC has served the generations with its peerless range of creative and knowledgeable books for learners of all age groups to meet their educational goals. Our choicest collections are planned and designed by our astonishing and highly talented team who gathered their unique ideas, experiences, and practical requirements with youthful exuberance for today’s hi-tech generation helping them to grow skillfully and happily in this competitive era.

Proudly ‘Made in Nepal’

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