Lovebirds Ice Cream Dealer

Area: Birtamode > Province No 1
Our Address: Charpane, Nepal, Birtamode
Telephone: 9779801240063
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Sujal Food, a biggest confectionery manufacturing and marketing company in Nepal, is the flagship subsidiary company of Laxmi Group. Having its fold over 5 leading brands in different product categories, company holds more than 60% market share from its entire portfolio. Sujal Food has a humble mission to make premium confectioneries. It centers itself in Coca based confectioneries, Strip gums, Toffees, Lollypops and Bubble gums.

Sujal food is a major contributor to the group’s revenue and firmly believes in crafting most admired brands like: Chocofun; Sujal gum; Smart Lollypop; Milkfalls; Love Birds and Waffy. Its flagship brand “Chocofun” has been metaphor to chocolate since last ten years and its iconic image has been affluent. “Sujal gum” is the first stick gum of the country and has been tipping gummy wave through out the country.

Due to the popularity and admiration of its confects through out the country, it has transcended its market domain to international level by exporting to its neighboring countries India and china since 2006. Company is very enthusiast on developing its network to other Asian and European countries. Company firmly believes in product and market development according to the market environment of both local and international markets.

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