Ngima Bakery Cafe Khumjung Solukhumbu

Area: Solukhumbu
Our Address: RPF9+2GG, Khumjung 56000
Telephone: 9808554010, 9841908922
Email: [email protected]
Social Link:

Ngima Bakery Cafe, nestled in the heart of Khumjung, Solukhumbu, is renowned as one of the finest bakeries in the area, offering a delightful array of coffee, tea, and breakfast options. With a commitment to excellence, this charming establishment caters to both locals and visitors seeking a delicious start to their day. From freshly brewed coffee and aromatic teas to hearty breakfast fare, Ngima Bakery Cafe provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere where patrons can savor not only the flavors but also the essence of Nepalese hospitality. Whether you\’re in search of a quick pick-me-up or a leisurely morning meal, Ngima Bakery Cafe promises a delightful experience that embodies the essence of Khumjung\’s culinary delights.

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