Rukum service in Nepal

Rukum is a district of nepal. Rukum is part of lumbini province rukum district was hill and maountain. Rukum and Eastern Rukum after the state’s reconstruction of administrative divisions in 2017

Century Commercial Bank Ltd Aathbiskot Branch

Radi Bazar, Aathbiskot-09, Rukum (Near Radi Mid Bazar)

Century Commercial Bank Limited (CCBL) is a National Level Commercial bank established on January 23, 2011 with the objective of providing simplified banking services by taking advantage of innovations in information and communication technology. CCB . . .

Kumari Bank Musikot Khalanga Branch

Tallo Bazar, Musikot-1, Khalanga, Western Rukum

Kumari Bank Musikot Khalanga Branch  came into existence as the fifteenth commercial bank of Nepal, starting its banking operations from Chaitra 21, 2057 B.S (April 03, 2001) with an objective of providing competitive modern banking services in the . . .

Prabhu Bank Rukum Branch

Sisne Rural Municipality, Rukumkot

Prabhu Bank Rukum Branch The Bank has gone through the various phases of its growth trajectory over a short period of its existence. Growth of Prabhu Bank was phenomenal, especially after merger of Grand Bank Nepal Limited, Kist Bank Ltd, Prabhu Bika . . .

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