Universal Academy English Boarding School Gauriganj

Area: Gaurigunj > Jhapa > Province No 1
Our Address: gauriganj, jhapa nepal
Telephone: 980-7930072
Email: [email protected]
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Universal Academy is a reputed school, situated at Gauriganj Rural Municipality Jhapa Nepal. Our school, Universal Academy, attracts the students from different places surrounding of the school& beyond, it provides quality education et. al. Universal Academy is easily approachable with bus service, inclusion of all sorts of people& proffessions, socialization, simplicity with its neat & clear map, cell, website, language et al. Similarly, it not only possesses pellucid & handsomeness &comfortable building but also its treatment done. the school has also been fortunated to provide beautiful garden, computers,colourful compound, gate, & road, well equipped desks & benches, whiteboard, blackboard, library, fans, hostel facility, canteen, warm reception to the visitors etc. Moreover, Universal Academy has been specialized& conducted the continuous academic success with 100% result in SEE, extra co-curricular activities et al. Depending upon the outcome of the District, SEE academic level, we will come to look either more like the topmost academic level or the topmost good practices of the students. Now. we are surely like to see much greater centralization in the topmost Academic level. There\’s a tremendous admiration for UNIVERSAL ACADEMY. This marks the identity for the school to work hand in hand & teamwork with all the working staffs, students as well as guardians.

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