Swapna Vatika School Kathmandu

Area: kathmandu > Province No 3
Our Address: Buddhanager,New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Telephone: +977-1-4782486 , +977-1-4782409
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://svschool.edu.np
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Swapna Vatika School was established in 2050 B.S. under the slogan of providing quality education for the production of skilled labor and law-abiding people. There has always been a genuine attempt to help the kids make their dreams come true by making them realize their goals and inspiring them to work for it. Children are the backbone of a stable country.In Swapna Vatika they are the object of our focused effort.

The school has a true vision of inculcating a sound human development, of making the students, staff and parents well-integrated, emotionally , socially, mentally, morally and culturally conscious of their own integrity and destiny,Responsibility for the proper use of democracy, well prepared and ready to cooperate with others in building a just society and country.

Our mission is to prepare students by empowering them to become responsible, reflective and motivated learners for global involvement. We envisage our graduate leaving the school with:

  • A combination of core competencies and a collection of moral and spiritual principles.
  • Patience and concern for others.
  • High self-esteem and high aspirations for others.

System AND Services AGAINS
We provide our students with quality education through a variety of teaching methods and resources, both indoors and outdoors. Our approaches include debates, dialogue, interviews, role-playing, community and cooperative learning, in addition to lectures.

Analytically problem-solving skills-the rational handling of problems without simple or emotional judgements. Multi-cultural skills and abilities for working with people of different cultural backgrounds-great importance in the age of globalization, putting together diverse people in the same climate. Tools include internet, charts , maps, recordings of audio and video, posters, etc ..


Educational climate caring and encouraging.
Experienced teachers with credentials.
Methodologies of teaching geared towards students.
Additional lessons for those in need.
Fair library with a large variety of references.

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