Suryodaya English Higher Secondary School

Area: Damak > Province No 1
Our Address: Damak-06, Jhapa
Telephone: +977-023-582792
Email: [email protected]
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Ours is an era of wonderful achievements in education and philosophy, science and technology, nature and spirituality: Space probings are no longer spectacular; Artificial Intelligence has become reality; Inter-continental travels have been reduced to hours. Knowledge is available in abudance at the countenance of this universe.

At the same time, ours is also an era, where millennials are in search of true purpose to balance their life amidst intellectual competition, booming technology, mass contest, brain trade etc. Suryodaya English Secondary School acts as a balanced educational institution to foster learners with clear vision, set principles and intended mission to be accomplished by each individual during lifetime.
Long live SES.

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