St. Mary’s School

Area: Biratnagar > Morang > Province No 1
Our Address: Biratnagar, Morang
Telephone: 021-532934
Email: [email protected]
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St. Mary’s School Biratnagar was established in 2008. It is under the management of the sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (officially recognized as “The congregation of Jesus”) founded by an English lady, Mary Ward, in 1609. It is an international institution especially devoted to the education of youth. The institution is open to girls of all communities, irrespective of status, caste, creed, and religion. The school imparts not only integrated personality by developing in them a strong character, love of truth, respect, loyalty, a sense of justice and the necessity for honest hard work. This will make them an honor to womanhood and a source of happiness and blessing to all with whom they come in contact. St. Mary’s School is best secondary level school in Biratnagar Morang

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