Sharada Campus Bhaktapur

Area: Bhaktapur > Province No 3
Our Address: Kamal binayak, Bhaktapur, Nepal
Telephone: +977-1-6614880
Email: [email protected]
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Sharada Campus is a Best college For Education located in Kamal binayak, Bhaktapur, Nepal. The historic name of this ancient town, Bhaktapur, is Khwopa. And this college takes its name after the name of Khwopa, its ancient and important name. This is the only community-based, service-oriented university in the region. This was controlled by the local government, the municipality of Bhaktapur. And in 1999 AD, the college was established.

Its academic agenda is quality as well as realistic education in affordable-potentially lower fee cost. In the new national sense, schooling is costly and cheap for a greater number of people. This magnificent institution has been dedicated to a particular mission: dedicated to people and professionalism, in order to broaden the educational facility as one of the essential needs. Although it was founded in Bhaktapur, the cultural city.The big gate has already been opened and students from sixty-five local districts have been welcomed. It’s always not enough to please our motivations.Khwopa College is not only the learning forum for different levels of students, but also a pleasant function where lecturers, staff, academics and sensible parents can experience their learning serenity better. So, we’re still mindful of what we should offer students.Different facilities have been provided by the institution, such as fully fitted libraries, labs, fully decorated and potentially the best classroom and extra co-curriculars. Nice canteens, college buses and athletic centers are auxiliary, the new methodologies for teaching teaching tools. In addition, the faculties of diverse fields, visiting scholars, medalists, experts and academicians, joint activities have stood as an intellectual field model for college.And the percentage of the outcome also reflects the quality

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