Safari Narayani Hotel, Bharatpur

Area: Bharatpur- Chitwan > Chitwan > Province No 3
Our Address: Ghatgai, Bharatpur, Chitwan
Telephone: +97756693486
Email: [email protected]
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Safari Narayani Hotel. A short scenic drive from Kathmandu and in the centre of the Chitwan valley, this spectacular year-round jungle hotel features spacious guestrooms in rustic style country cottages.

The direct environmental benefits include preservation of the natural resources of the park by choosing to build the resort outside the Park. Additional environmental and economic benefits are also contributed by material and energy conservation through use of local building material.

Located on a bluff overlooking the Rapti River and the National Park beyond, Safari Narayani Hotel is an ideal getaway for those seeking solace from the frenzied 21st century lifestyle .

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