Rastriya Banijya Bank Urlabari Branch

Area: Morang > Province No 1 > Urlabari
Our Address: Urlabari, Morang
Telephone: 977-21-541049
Email: [email protected]
Web: https://rbb.com.np/
Social Link:

Rastriya Banijya Bank Urlabari Branch located in morang Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited (RBBL) has a history of serving its customers far and wide across the nation for more than half a century. The bank then fully owned by Government of Nepal, was established on 10 Magh 2022 (23 January 1966) under the special statute “Rastriya Banijya Bank Act, 2021” and had operated under “Commercial Bank Act,2031” until it was re-registered as public limited company on 6 Baishak 2063 (19 May 2006). At present, the Bank operates as “A” class financial institution licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank and carries out commercial.

Rastriya Banijya Bank swift code: RBBANPKA

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