Ramlal Golchha Eye Hospital

Area: Biratnagar > Morang > Province No 1
Our Address: Pandit Meghraj Marg, Biratnagar
Telephone: 021-523706
Email: [email protected]
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Ram Lal Golchha Eye Hospital is located in Biratnagar is a  Foundation (RLGEHF) was established in 19 A.D. as the first eye hospital outside Kathmandu valley with the missionary zeal to serve the blind and the poor as a new development in the battle to prevent and treat curable blindness. It is located in Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan city in south east Nepal which is considered as second largest city after Kathmandu. The hospital has completed. Its 29 years of selfless service in the eye care to the people of the eastern region of Nepal and neighboring states of India as well. The motto of the hospital is to provide free treatment to needy patients ensuring quality care at reasonable cost.

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