National Academy College

Area: Dharan > Province No 1 > sunsari
Our Address: Singha Devi Chowk, Dharan-2, Sunsari
Telephone: +97725523521
Email: [email protected]
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National Academy College is a Nice School for Plus Two and Bachelor Education college in Dharan. National Academy College offering course for +2 in Management, Humanities and Education in Bachelor Programme in BED.IT. National Academy College National Academy Secondary School , a pioneer educational institution in Dharan was established in 2058 BS. With long history, it is being run with new innovative concept in education. It has a vision of changing students into smart citizen modern practice in teaching methodology. We believe, every student has his/her own ability, capacity and potentiality. Our main objective is to prepare students for their life and to set their goal and vision by involving them in different extra curricular activities and clubs along with the best academics

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