MidTown Galleria

Area: Gandaki Pradesh > Pokhara
Our Address: New Rd, Pokhara
Telephone: +97761530885, 061-530781
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.midtown.com.np/
Social Link:

The story of MidTown Galleria cannot be started without first referring to the story of our founder, Mr. Jit Prasad Dwa. Born in June 1930, he entered the world of business at a very early age, without any kind of formal schooling. Starting from a textile trading business (which is still going strong in Palikhe Chowk, Pokhara), he ventured into several other sectors including manufacturing, trading, entertainment and banking. Whatever the sector be, the core mantras of doing business were the same: value creation, self-education, integrity and persistence.

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