Martyrs’ Memorial Higher Secondary School

Area: Biratnagar > Morang > Province No 1
Our Address: Shanti marg, Biratnagar
Telephone: 021-417265
Email: [email protected]
Social Link:

Martyrs’ Memorial Higher Secondary School located in Biratnagar East and West Martyrs’ Memorial School is the best. Do not judge a book by its color’ that’s the fact….We see elephant eyes are small in comparison to horse eyes but do elephant see less than horse?? So it’s like that our school seems small in size but is large in knowledge……U will find a co-operative environment in our school, a friendly environment…So student hurry and come on here. Everyone is given equal opportunity for every activities. We are doing hard to provide you a quality education. You are the future of our country and your future will be lightened by Martyrs’ Memorial School This is nice school for english medium secondary level education.

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