Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus Ilam

Area: Ilam > Province No 1
Our Address: Ilam, Nepal
Telephone: 027-520020, 027-520665, 027-521653
Email: [email protected]
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Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus is a Best college for Bachelor and Master’s Degree program located in Ilam. Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus Ilam was established in 1960 (2016), holds students 2500, teachers 82, staff 37. Now Program running three faculties, Masters program in five subjects such as in Education, planning and management,(EPM) English Language teaching in education faculty, Masters in Rural development, Sociology, and Nepali in faculty of Humanities. Bahcelor’s in three faculties Humanities, Education and ManagementMRMC Ilam has prepared strategic plan for five years (2010-15), it has been granted as autonomy campus by the Tribhuvan University (Hereinafter, said TU) on 6th January 2010. MRMC Ilam believes that education is for empowerment, aggrandizement, and enlightenment to produce competent manpower for the 21ist century. This campus will be developed the point of as deemed university in five years to come. Young energetic leadership working for progressive change of MRMC thought a paradigm shift in education that requires broad, energetic and dynamic manpower to competing the Liberalization, globalization and privatization (LPG) model. MRMC believes that autonomy provides option, choice, power, opportunity, and rights. All these things empower an institution. Support of youth is the strength of Ilam campus. Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus is Provide good quality education in province no 1, Nepal.

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