Machan Wildlife Resort, Bharatpur

Area: Bharatpur- Chitwan > Chitwan > Province No 3
Our Address: Chitwan National Park, Bharatpur
Telephone: +97714225001
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At Machan we offer you an arrangement that promises exceptional vistas of the Royal Chitwan National Park, and days full of exciting adventure. Machan Wildlife Resort is our luxury camp in the eastern part of Chitwan. It has the charm and beauty of a deep-forest retreat inside the Royal Chitwan National Park, with all the amenities and services of a class hotel. Complementing this well-known resort, a new hotel under our care is only an hour’s drive ride away towards the western edge of the Park. We call it Paradise View, reflecting its spectacular setting along a riverbed, across the tall trees of the jungle. Our new addition comprises of 20 rooms in 5 separate bungalows. The conference hall is unique among the Chitwan lodges and caters to a hundred participants. Paradise View is also ideally located close to the Park Headquarter and the Gharial Breeding Farm. Nearby also lie the serene Tamar and Lami Lakes. Visit to the Park Museum can be an eye opener. A few days in each location guarantees the wildlife enthusiast an optimal number of wildlife sightings, allows discovery of different ecosystems and landscapes of the beautiful plans of south Nepal, besides offering a selection of comfortable and relaxing accommodation. Safari on elephant back is one of the most exciting rides one can experience in the jungle. The Greater One-horned rhinoceros is a familiar sight here. Common langurs, four species of deer, sloth bear, wild boar and many other mammals are found within the jungles of Chitwan. But there’s a lot more to safari camps than just wildlife sightings. We take you on village walk where you gain insights into the rich culture of the ethnic people. Watch their enchanting folk dances – or even join them in their merriment. A silent canoe ride gives you the luxury of catching wildlife by surprise. Or go on a refreshing bird-watching trip. Chitwan plays host to more than 532 species of birds – pick them out in our checklist.

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