Kusumeshwor Secondary School, Banke

Area: Banke > Kusum > Province No 5
Our Address: Kusum, Banke, Nepal
Telephone: +977-81-529667
Social Link:

Kusumeshwor Secondary School was founded as a community-based academic institution in 1962 AD (2019 BS), and is located in Kusum, Nepal’s Banke district. The Kusumeshwor School is affiliated with the National Examinations Board (NEB) and certified by the Education Ministry. It provides Ten Plus Two (10 + 2) services across fields of education and management.

Kusumeshwor Secondary School, Kusum, Banke offers competitive fee structures for primary to Ten Plus Two (10 + 2) education. This also offers various schemes for deserving students of the community, Madhesi, Aadivasi, Janajati, Hindu, hardworking and underprivileged.

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