Kathmandu Neuro Center

Area: kathmandu > Province No 3
Our Address: Bagh Bazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone: +97714233733
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://kathmanduneuro.com.np/
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The medical scenario of Nepal is developing gradually. At present there are many qualified doctors and many general hospitals in Kathmandu, Nepal. But there are only few qualified and skilled

specialist doctors in this country. Similarly there are very few specialized clinics and specialized hospitals in Nepal. In this scenario, neuroscience is one of those medical fields which need to go far ahead to serve the whole country and its people. Neuroscience is very poorly developed so far in Nepal and most of the medical facilities are centered in the city area, mostly in Kathmandu. Therefore, we have started a private Neuro Center with following objectives

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