Kaski Modernized Academy

Area: Gandaki Pradesh > Pokhara
Our Address: Pokhara
Telephone: 061-539009

Our prime concern is discipline. All the students, including teaching and non-teaching staff must maintain a high degree of disciplines inside and outside the school premises. Hence, everybody who is concerned to KMA is to follow the code of conduct as mentioned below:
a. All the students must enter the school in proper school uniform in time.
b. At least 90% attendance is a must to be qualified for the exam.
c. Our school runs fully for six days in a week but the last Friday of a month remains closed.
d. Students are not allowed to go out of the school premises within school hours. Concerned parents and registered guardians only can meet them after taking permission of the Principal.
e. A student must use English as communication medium (except Nepali periods) during the school hours.
f. Bringing prohibited gadgets and other things like mobile, CDS, money, jewellery etc is strictly banned.
g. One is strictly forbidden to get involved in unethical activities, cluster or a penalization that
causes disturbance in peaceful educational environment and hampers the prestige of the school.
h. Misconduct or violation of the rules and discipline during the class and exam will lead to expulsion from the school. Warning with proper punishment for the first serious mistake, Information to the guardians for the second and expulsion for the third serious mistake.
i. If needed, students should be ready for extra classes or staying in hostel.
j. Home report of the students and sudden changes found in behaviour are to be conveyed to the school by every guardian on time.
k. Every guardian must be present to receive the terminal exam report along with the children and to share the information briefly with the concerned subject teachers.
l. If any guardians and students have any complain or suggestion regarding all round aspect of school system, they can meet the Principal or write and drop in the suggestion box without any hesitation.
m. Our school provides essential medicines for normal health problem and first-aid as well as first phases treatment in hospital in any type of injury in games and sport at school.

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