Kangaroo Education Foundation Birtamode

Area: Birtamode > Jhapa > Province No 1
Our Address: Hanuman Central, Mukti Chowk, Birtamode, Jhapa
Telephone: +97723544945
Web: https://www.kangarooedu.com/
Social Link:

Kangaroo Education Foundation Birtamode is an innovative and specialist educational consultancy service provider. In service of students since 2007, we specialize in educational counseling, recruitment and enrollment at overseas universities and colleges for more than 14 years. Adhering to the company’s policy of decentralization, KEF has now expanded to a total number of 10 offices in Australia and Nepal

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  • Ajay ojha says:

    Hi I’m Mr.Ajay ojha from ilam. I have cleared my +12 (Aleves) in the year 2018. Currently I hold two credits in economics and business studies. can I apply with these grades for higher education in Australia? Hope for the positive response….

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