Jana Adarsha Multiple Campus Chitwan

Area: Birendranagar > Chitwan > Province No 3
Our Address: Birendranagar-2, Chitwan, Nepal
Telephone: +977-56-583023
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.jamc.edu.np
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Jana Adarsha Multiple Campus Chitwan is a Best campus for Education in Birandranagar. Though the people’s movement was over, the creative hands of the youths were still active. Those hands wanted to lay a foundation stone for the development of humanity. So their mind conceived idea of opening a college. As a result, Jana Adarsha Multiple Campus. was established in Birendranagar-2, Chitwan in 2050 B.S. It was initially an extension programmed of Saptagandaki M C, Bharatpur. Birendra Adarsha Higher Secondary School (BAHSS) fulfilled the lack though the college had no any physical assets. The role of this community is immense for the proper functioning of this college. Jana Adarsha M.C. started PCL education classes from 2050 and PCL management classes from 2051.The regular students who had passed PCL were in need of further education. They could hardly go elsewhere to get higher education. To fulfill such lack the college decided to run B. Ed classes again as an extension.
It was only 2053 B.S the college got authority from TU to function as Jana Adarsha M.C. In 2059 B.S. it got permission to run BBS classes. Now, the college has sophisticated e-library, well equipped labs, better furnished class rooms, and facilitated buildings. It has got +2 programmed which was started from 2057 B.S. We have B. Ed and BBS in bachelor level. Recently, from 2068 we have started Master level M. Ed classes. The college has also made up the mind to run other Master level classes according to demand of the time. The college is always committed to fulfill the demand of quality education in the days to come.

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