Itahari Medical & Swasthya Upachar Clinic Pvt. Ltd

Area: Itahari > Province No 1 > sunsari
Our Address: Paschim line, Itahari
Telephone: +97725581112, 584100
Email: [email protected]
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Swasthya Upachar Clinic Pvt. Ltd is located in Itahari. We are itahari’s  leading multi-specialty preventative clinic serving since 1995 A.D. Serving patients since decades with dedication and sincerity  We strive to deliver excellent patient service in our state of art clinic with a friendly ambiance. From beginning to now we focus on patients satisfaction and recovery and are closely connected to our patients.

Thanks for your trust, we provide care of tens of thousands of patients annually. Currently, we engage province no. 1  recognized doctors and offer

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