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Area: kathmandu > Province No 3
Our Address: Nagendra Kancha Chowk, Kathmandu 44600
Telephone: 9848989898
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://hansikar.com/
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Hansikar Technologies aspires to bring a technological and marketing revolution in the businesses globally. We aim to be a one-stop destination where our clients can realize the full potential of their digital marketing needs leading to increased revenue.

It is funny if you think, everyone and everything has a story, which starts with nothing but a passion and purpose. Like every typical story, the start of Hansikar was a thought – a digital thought in the virtual world. With determination and diligence, the thought continued to thrive and turned tangible, and now it is a team of hardworking, resolute, and creative members.
Being a part of the digital world bestowed us with an opportunity, but unlike other digital agencies, we begged to differ and decided to rise above our interest. Driven by a passion for interest and the aim of making Nepal’s presence felt on the international platform, Hansikar is dedicated to assisting the hospitality field of Nepal.
As per the recent data of Wanderlust Magazine UK, Nepal is in the 14th position of must-visit places in 2019. It will be safe to say the achievement completely relies on the serenity of Nepal, as even to today’s date Nepali tourism operators are reluctant in digitalization. Just a thought of change we can make with our small effort and leap of faith is immense.
We don’t know what lies ahead, but as a passionate member, Hansikar has devoted itself to foster tourism in Nepal, because as a wise man once said, “every good citizen adds to the strength of a nation” – and there is no denying on tourism is the strength of Nepal.

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