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Area: Lalitpur > Province No 3
Our Address: Near dhobighat futsal Dhobighat, Lalitpur 44600
Telephone: 015535662
Email: [email protected]
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A pitstop for MTB aficionados in the Himalayas!
Gravity Nepal is a one-stop-shop for all-mountain
Mountain Biking would be nothing without the breathtaking nature this world is offering us and the people we explore with. We believe that giving back is crucial to providing a nurturing society and sustainable environment . That is why we do community work as well as support various charities in order to keep onspreading the love for mountain biking. The incredible feeling of freedom that riding provides, fuels our passion in the field wanting to make an impact in Nepal and beyond.

Established in 2016 by two passionate mountain bikers, Gravity Nepal became a one stop shop for all mountain biking enthusiasts in Nepal. Today, it has evolved into a community that is loving and dedicated to MTB. We share a common interest and vision to develop mountain biking as a sport in the country. As longtime riders we want to push the sport to the next level and therefore, aim to provide all services under one roof. This includes our proud community of passionate riders of ages and skill levels.

Our vision is to provide the best MTB services in the country whilst nurturing a supportive community of passionate riders. Our unfathomable love for mountain biking has always motivated us to keep innovating our services. We admit our particular inclination towards Enduro biking. We believe that no other format of mountain biking can deliver the thrill of speeding down-hill while at the same time, pushing riders to test their endurance. This love for enduro biking has resulted in our partnership with several industry leading brands, helping us to provide all the top quality products under one roof. We help riders find everything they need to feel safe during their adventures and enjoy every track to the maximum.

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