Chanakya College of Management

Area: Bhaktapur > Province No 3
Our Address: Madhyapur, Thimi Bhaktapur
Telephone: +977-1-6632927
Email: [email protected]
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The primary institution founded in 2066 BS with the primary objective of providing excellent educational service to students from Montessori to twelfth grade is Chanakya Secondary School / College. We currently offer secondary courses (+2 levels) in management in an isolated block with its own infrastructural facilities. In the near future , we aim to extend university level programs.

With his tremendous increasing ability as an organization, Chanakya stands out from the crowd. A team of committed professionals have continuously focused on catering to its students for the quality education sector since its inception. We are optimistic that the partnership between young people and groups of experienced faculty members will enable students who strive to become successful in the field of leadership to accomplish their goals in the right way.Chanakya offers highly spacious and well-equipped classrooms with a large institutional area of 20000 sq . ft, along with all the necessary facilities that best suit the students ‘ needs. We are still proud of our alumni who have succeeded in creating a positive impact both in Nepal and in the global arena. To join our Chanakya kin, we invite students and guardians.

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