Care Medical Center, Dhanusa

Area: Dhanusha > janakpur > Province No 2
Our Address: Pidarichowk-9, Janakpurdham, Dhanusa, Nepal
Telephone: +977-41-520479
Social Link:

In 2008 AD (2065 BS), Care Medical Center was founded as a privately owned health training institute located in Pidarichowk-9, Janakpurdham, Nepal district of Dhanusa. It is affiliated with the Council for Vocational Training and Technical Education (CTEVT). It is also recognised by the Nepal Nursing Council and the Technical Council of Nepal Health.It provides three years of full-time health training services for 40 seats per year, such as PCL Nursing (Staff Nurse) and PCL in General Medicine-Health Assistant (HA), respectively.

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