Biratnagar Hospital

Area: Biratnagar > Morang > Province No 1
Our Address: Kamal Pokhari Marg, Biratnagar
Telephone: 021-531042
Email: [email protected]
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Biratnagar Hospital is located in Biratnagar We believe that everyone in our community deserves the finest healthcare. And in order to make true on this belief, we’re committed to being the best at everything we do. Since being established, more than 19 years ago, Biratnagar Aspatal, has worked towards achieving its principle.

Our team of doctors, nurses, volunteers, pharmacists, managers, administrators, and support staff work as a team to help us uphold the culture of excellence we strive. We’re inspired to stay abreast of the newest medical technologies and procedures, and to make every effort for constant improvements. This pursuit of excellence, along with the competence of our Doctor’s, has led us to national recognition and benchmark performance in many areas.

With the help of state-of-the-art technological developments, and constant reinvestments into newest technologies, Biratnagar Aspatal has managed to provide advanced patient care that were inaccessible through previous traditional procedures; thus ensuring maximum recovery.

So, why Biratnagar Aspatal Pvt. Ltd?  Because better healthcare for you begins here with us. Our team assumes great responsibility for each and every patient admitted. Our model of care and treatment provides individualized treatment, consultation and services to meet your unique needs – because no two patients are ever alike.

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