Bhairab Secondary School

Area: Baglung > Gandaki Pradesh
Our Address: Galkot Municipality, Baskhola, Malma, Baglung, Gandaki Pradesh, Nepal
Telephone: +977-68-690261
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Bhairab Secondary School was founded in 1958 (2015 BS) as a public academic institute in Galkot Municipality, Baskhola, Malma, Nepal’s Baglung district of Gandaki Province. It is affiliated with the National Board of Exams (NEB) and is authorised by the Nepalese Ministry of Education. Under the Arts, Management, and Curriculum streams, this High School offers Ten Plus Two programmes.

Bhairab Secondary School, Malma, Baglung, offers moderate and accessible fee structures for pre-primary to secondary (10 + 2) level schooling. It also provides scholarship programmes for society’s worthy, hard-working and underprivileged pupils. Counseling, extra-curricular activities (ECA), athletics, counseling, workshops, classrooms, educational excursion trips, and scholarship facilities are offered by Bhairab Secondary School (BSS).

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