BG hospital

Area: Gandaki Pradesh > Pokhara
Our Address: Pokhara
Telephone: 061-538975

BG Hospital, a Neuropsychiatric Centre established in the year 2013 has developed to be one of the distinguished Psychiatric rehabilitation care center in Nepal today. The institute has mastered the skills of delivery of one of the best form of mental and psychiatric rehabilitation care. This experience has given BG’S Psychiatric nursing and Rehabilitation Centre the scope to understand specific needs of the clients by providing them with a diverse kind of accommodation to do its best to ensure that the client experiences the ‘Home away from Home’. This hospital is also a drug and alcohol addiction rehab center which provides best addiction treatment facilities.

The ‘Home away from Home’ offers solace to the suffering individual and family alike, where the atmosphere would be a large extended family in which the residents would get the comfort, security, love and kindness of the family, with rehabilitation programmes and health care administered by experts in respective areas. BG’s drug rehab center makes sure that the addict knows the necessary skills to not use addictive substances. Drug Addiction Rehab is the only way to recover from depths of drug addiction.

BG’ s rehab centre has the most effective drug addiction rehab facilities that help  individuals suffering with drug addiction to find rehabilitation for their addictions and live happily with their families and friends. This drug rehab centre has a sophisticated type of natural therapy for drug rehab, which provides the drug addicts to feel more like home environment during the rehabilitation period.

Psychiatric and Drug rehabilitation with prime focus on recovery is so diverse that it often expects individualized structured approach. BG’S Mental Health Care has focused on interventions depending upon the need and challenges posed by mental health disorder, person afflicted with mental health disability, and the family.

BGs Mental Health Rehabilitation Center Provides information and statistics about mental health problems related to mental health patients. Mental health section of BG Hospital is a pleasant recovery home for mental health patients and concentrates on the most important mental health issues affecting Mental health worldwide.

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