Bal Batika English Boarding School, Biratngar-11

Area: Biratnagar > Morang > Province No 1
Our Address: Madhumara Biratnagar, Nepal
Telephone: 021-524516
Email: [email protected]
Social Link:

Bal Batika English Boarding School is located in Biratnagar Always thrive for Quality education to meet Prosperity in all aspects of students reading in our school. This is about our school and our students. They can add their activities, their unforgettable memories they passed in school and many more related to their school life
Founding Date Bal Batika School is a nice English medium secondary education.
Rajan Kr. Chharahang and Indu Thapa Chharahang
Recently, First in Senior Dance Competition 2070 organized by Npabsan, Morang and Third in Junior too.
Quality Education to all potential students…..

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