Alive Hospital & Trauma Centre

Area: Bharatpur- Chitwan > Chitwan > Province No 3
Our Address: Bharatpur Height Bharatpur-10, Chitwan
Telephone: +97756525397
Email: [email protected]
Social Link:

Alive Hospital and trauma centre (AHTC) is the first functioning trauma centre established in Nepal. AHTC is established by young dynamic doctors with an idea to help the needy people who bleed to death on the roads. AHTC is basically a 50 bedded hospital, located at Bharatpur height, aimed at trauma and physical disabilities.

Health facilities in Nepal are very few and most of them are located in the Kathmandu valley. The leading cause of death in Nepal are infectious disease like cholera, dairrhoea, influenza ,encephalitis and malaria ,but combining different types of accidents, it account for the number one cause of death in Nepal.

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