Vigor Incorporation Pvt. Ltd

Area: Itahari > Province No 1 > sunsari
Our Address: Pashupati Marg, Itahari
Telephone: 025-585323

Vigor Incorporation Pvt. Ltd also referred as “Vigor Inc.” is one among the many technological companies established in Nepal but is pioneered with the innovative ideas and visions of young innovators and entrepreneurs with the prime objective to serve the current operations and innovative solutions for both software and hardware problems. Realizing innovation, technology and management with a modern approach Vigor Inc. is capable of providing competitive technological solutions with a high level of proficiency and efficiency.

Located in the heart of state 1, Itahari; Sunsari Vigor Inc. has strategically chosen the site so as it stays in the hub of the city. Connected immediately to the airport, the highway and reachable by every means; Vigor Inc. has situated itself in such a spot so as it stays readily available for its customers.

We are a team of experienced managers, technicians and analyst. All the members of Vigor Inc. have sound expertise in their respective fields and have past experience of numerous projects dealing with challenging outcomes. Vigor Inc. also corresponds with its foreign partners and dealers for better counseling and services.

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