Prativa Secondary School

Area: Gandaki Pradesh > Pokhara
Our Address: Pokhara
Telephone: 061-534875

Prativa Higher Secondary School is a co-educational institution of higher education located at the heart of Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan city-9, Palikhechowk, a five minute walk from Mahendrapool. Established in 2043 BS by a group of experienced academicians and aspirants, the institution has projected a great mission of imparting quality education and training to the young scholars.

Initially, this institution offered programs in two major streams: MGMT from 2060, and Science from 2068 BS. The highly qualified members of the team hold decade long teaching experience in higher level. The school takes pride in producing more than a dozen batches of 10+2 graduates successfully with outstanding results.

Having realized the increasing number of students seeking for quality education, Prativa Higher Secondary School has developed the modern and highly equipped physical infrastructure in the separate premises for 10+2 classes at Palikhechowk.

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