Himanchal Boarding School

Area: Gandaki Pradesh > Pokhara
Our Address: Janapriya Marga Lane 2, Pokhara
Web: http://hbs.edu.np/index/

Himanchal Boarding School stands to continue the century long nobel practice of building the society with contribution in the education providing academic excellence, focusing on the competency of the future masters in our society. A premier institution, which imbibes the spirit of GYAN and VIGYAN in the unique blend – an ideal education imparting the wisdom of the East with the technical advancement of the West. HBS is a 21st century value-based progressive school where the students are putting their culture and values into practice. Our commitment to quality education ensures highly qualified  students who have emerged as leaders in their chosen fields . After the inception in 2043 BS, Himanchal Boarding School, during the period of 29 years  has experienced many ups and downs but always with a smile .Himanchal Boarding School stands for quality education, richness in learning opportunities and high degree of morality. We were , we are and we will always be prepared to take any pains to bring out and deliver the finest without any compromise on quality education and ethics. Our primary concern for quality education and value based education is in itself driving us towards finding newer horizon to ascertain good degree of qualitative support for the students and teachers as well. Our SLC results ,so far have been fruitful and praiseworthy, As a result ,we can find our products in the national and international markets as qualified, competent and important man-power. We accept that we still have some shortcomings to improve and are always committed for the betterment and advancement. Our way of teaching starts from assess and proceeds through plan, execute and handover system.

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