Deep Kunj English Secondary School, Lalitpur

Area: Lalitpur > Province No 3
Our Address: Karyabinayak , Lalitpur
Telephone: 01-5590581

In the present national context of social and economic transformation, we consider that the goal of education should be redefined. The main goal of education should not merely be linked to what students can learn from theoretical knowledge but should also be about how theoretical knowledge but should also be about how students can identify and develop their skills and knowledge in areas of their individual interests and strengths.

In addition, we must be dedicated towards producing such citizens who are able to harness their individual potentials for the benefit of the society and the economy. The essential demands that schools play increased attention towards those educational services that build students abilities at the theoretical as well as practical level and that contribute to the creation of a pool of responsible, accountable and competent citizens DKHSES is one such educational institution

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