Amar Shahid Multiple Campus

Area: Bardiya > Province No 5
Our Address: Rajapur , Bardiya
Telephone: 984-8080912

Amar Shadhi Multiple Campus (ASMC), was established in 2065 B.S. (2008 A.D) is affiliated to T.U. It is an ideal academic place for the student. It offers the most instructive classes with maximum student facilities in exceptionally friendly and peaceful environment. It has glorifying its history with dazzling academic performance.

Amar Shahid Multiple Campus (ASMC) is the first multiple campus in Rajapur Municipality. Realizing the demands of students,it lunched B.Ed, BBS and BA programme. As a result, the students of Amar Shahid Multiple Campusis getting the golden opportunity to study with affordable fees. We believe that qualified, experienced and dedicated tutor, hard worling students and cooperative guardians are the elements bahind our success.

Currently,the following streams are being conducted at ASMC :

ProgramsYear of Starting

  • B.Ed 2065 B.S.
  • BBS 2067 B.S.
  • BA2070 B.S.

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